Be Still and Know

When it comes to jewelry, I’m a big fan of sparkly, and some might even say ‘gaudy.’ I’m okay with that. In fact, I’ve embraced it about myself.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve never shied away from adorning myself with copious amounts of bling. Although most of my pieces are costume and not worth a damn, no matter. They make me feel like me.

Perhaps my choices in jewelry reflect my Southern California roots, where glitz and glamour are as natural as air and water.

Or, maybe, what I’m really drawn to are pieces that reflect the light in and around each of us…

Aside from my wedding ring, my favorite piece is a simple silver band with the words, “be still and know” etched into it. It’s an excerpt from one of my favorite Bible verses, “Be still and know that I am God.” It has become my mantra and a touchstone to which I constantly return. When things get noisy, I look at my bracelet and gently guide myself back to the way of stillness.

Your path to stillness may look different than mine. For me, it looks like Reiki, yoga, meditation, prayer, an Epsom salt bath, a walk in the sun, or a quiet, contemplative church service. It is in this stillness that God abides, that the essence that is You resides – the part of you (and me) that is immortal and unchanging. The YOU that cannot be rattled by present circumstances, altered, harmed, fearful or diminished. We summon the truth of who we are in this stillness.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” – Rumi

Not only is making time to be still physiologically healthy for us, it is from this deep stillness that truths emerge and transformative insights flow. How does one decipher between the chattering of our monkey minds and the truth? How do we tease apart the important stuff from the noise and mental clutter? For me, the truth is quiet, assured and rarely repeats itself. It feels a lot like love and nothing like fear. Creative ideas spring forth without effort. It is in this place that I often get the sense that insights are being dropped straight down into my brain – messages that are beyond this world. My Pastor calls it “direct download.”

And yet, since we are human, sometimes anxiety pays us a visit in the stillness. That’s okay. It happens. Be gentle with yourself when it does. Smile at your mind jabbering away as it is prone to do. You are not your thoughts and you are not your mind. When they come, watch your thoughts drift by like clouds in the sky or boats on the horizon. Let them drift away.

Don’t try to wrestle with them. Have you ever tried to wrestle with a pig? How did that turn out? Let me guess. You got really dirty and the pig liked it?

Underneath the mental chatter might be fear. “What if” this? “What if” that? Accept the thoughts as just thoughts. That voice of fear isn’t yours and it certainly isn’t God’s. Name it. Acknowledge it. “Oh, hello again, monkey-mind, yammering in the background. You can pull up a chair, but you are not running the show.”

Then return to the stillness. This is the practice of mindfulness. It’s called a ‘practice’ for a reason. The more you flex this muscle of bringing yourself back to the present stillness, the more second nature it becomes. I promise.

Making time to be still is an essential piece of my self-care regimen. Is it part of yours? If not, how might your life be different if it was?

And, adding a little more sparkle to your life never hurts either.







17 thoughts on “Be Still and Know”

    1. Thanks, Jessica. Writing has become an important part of my self-care much needed outlet for my creativity! We are all creative beings!

  1. So beautifully written. This resonates with me (minus the jewelry…I wear none)
    I love being in that place of silence and it makes my heart happy that so many people of your generation are open and learning that they have this power and ability. I did not know how to be silent (and just be me) until I was in my late forties.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful insight! ?

    1. So Beautifully written J. I love how you are able to be so expressive in your writing, you are a gifted writer.I love that you are sharing all of this with other Mamas young and old and in between, we all can relate in some way:) We all need each other and to build one another up and support each other along this journey we call life.

      1. Thank you and Amen! That is my hope…that I might offer encouragement and support to women of all ages and stages. xoxoxoxo

    2. Thanks, Lisa. I think this awareness is starting younger and younger. When I was at my youngest’s school today, one of the teachers was leading a student through a meditation exercise. Love that! If we start young, it is less we have to un-learn/re-learn later and saves us from a lot of unnecessary suffering along the way!

  2. Jessica,
    Your blog resonates so deeply as truth with me and I am sure for many. Ty for your light and for aligning with Source!!
    You make this world a better place!! Keep shining sweet friend.

    1. Oh Heather, sweet truth-teller and light-spreader. I thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. You have blessed me mightily.

  3. I’m all about being still. Love this. And yes to bling! Also, do you have an option to add an email address so that when your blog posts it’ll send me a notification? Is that even an option for blogs.

    1. You bet, Thuy. On the bottom right hand corner of my website there is a field where you can enter your email address and click ‘subscribe.’ You will receive updates when I make new postings and I’ll also send out self-care tips from time to time. Welcome to the Self-Care Mama!

  4. It’s so inspiring to read your blog, Jessica. Charming Charlie was having a sale and it was so coincidental how you came to mind. As I have aged, I find myself enjoying bling, from a rainbow of colored zirconium that my daughters love to my simple gold wedding band. I love how you have a biblical verse on your bracelet. You recently reminded and helped me bring back the importance of journal writing. It is in that where I am still. Thank you!!

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