My Vision

Welcome! I’m Jessica, creator of The Self-Care Mama.  Join me as I explore mind-body-spirit, radical self-care for women. I write about things like worthiness, self-compassion, friendship, boundaries, exercise, creating opportunities for stillness, and so much more. I believe that healthy women are at the heart of healthy families and that we are powerful change agents. We are worthy of filling our own cups. And, when we do, they overflow and create a ripple effect around us, blessing our families, friends, neighborhoods, communities and world.

I know a lot about self-care. I learned it through my journey out of the depths of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. Self-care became an essential piece of my recovery process. It is now a way of life for me and this blog is an extension of that. As I share my musings, experiences and reflections, it is my hope that something resonates with you and lifts you up on your journey.

Maternal Mental Health & Wellness Advocate and Self-Care Enthusiast